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Many times we usually forgot our mobile number. And the real problem comes in run when there is Zero balance in your Sim card. So today we are going to tell you the way by which you can know your Own mobile no and not just yours but also you can find mobile number of any SIM card.

How to find / Check your OWN mobile number or any SIM card Number for all operators

First insert the Sim card in your mobile handset, after that dial the following numbers via mobile dialer to know your mobile / Sim number.Ckeck Your Own Mobile Number for all SIM Cards


  1. *789# .
  2. *100#
  3. *1#
  4. *131*1#
  5. 147*2*3#  ( SUGGESTED BY USER – cross check before using )

How to find your own mobile number in Reliance

  1. *1#
  2. *111#

Find your own mobile no in Vodafone Sim

  1. *555#
  2. *555*0#
  3. *111*2#
  4. *777*0#
  5. *131*0#


  1. *140*175
  2. *140*1600#
  3. *121*9#
  4. *282#
  5. *141*123#


  1. *1#
  2. *234*4#
  3. *888#
  4. *122*131#
  5. *131#


  1. *1#
  2. *99#


  1. *1#


  1. *1#
  2. Via SMS: “NUM”  send it to 51230.

Virgin, Videocon and BSNL has same code.


  1. *444#
  2. *555#
  3. *1#


  1. *580#
  2. *124#
  3. *1#


  1. *111*2#
  2. *1#

BPL / Loop

  1. *222#
  2. *1#
  3. *001#


  1. *8888#

Have you got Your mobile number? We hope you know it now.

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  1. Comment, REVIEWS

    Really its working.


  2. Comment, REVIEWS

    bsnl code *1# & *99# is not working

  3. Comment, REVIEWS

    bsnl code *1# & *99# is not working

    *99# is giving something else

    Welcome to NUUP
    1. Banking Menu
    2. Know your Aadhaar Seeding status

    *1# is giving the message “result unknown”

    Instead for BSNL mobile phones *222# is working fine.

  4. Comment, REVIEWS

    Thank U so musch for your tips. Its working properly.

  5. Comment, REVIEWS

    Bhagwan aapko sukhi rakkhey. dhanyavaad.

  6. Comment, REVIEWS

    It is very usefull.

  7. Comment, REVIEWS

    BSNL Orissa – *222#

  8. Comment, REVIEWS

    all india check own bsnl number is *222# check fast bsnl

  9. Comment, REVIEWS

    It is very use full.thssssss

  10. Comment, REVIEWS

    Very Very thanks to santhosh,,,,just now i checked with bsnl SIM and i got the number

  11. Comment, REVIEWS

    if i not get the sim so tell me how can i get the phone no

    sim no remember

    • Comment, REVIEWS

      If you know SIM no then you can call customer care and tell them your problem, they would help you.

  12. Comment, REVIEWS

    for BSNL ,please type *888#,you can get your mobile no

  13. Comment, REVIEWS

    Dear it’s very useful.
    thanks allot.

  14. Comment, REVIEWS

    It”s working thank you so much.

    god gives you worlds all happyness.

  15. Comment, REVIEWS

    please update for know idea number
    type from your mobile *147*2*3#

    • Comment, REVIEWS

      Thanks for your suggestion – Updated

  16. Comment, REVIEWS

    BSNL absolutely working in *888# in TN. Thanks to Santosh.

  17. Comment, REVIEWS

    These codes are not working for smart (reliance)

  18. Comment, REVIEWS

    Really its working.


  19. Comment, REVIEWS

    Thanks…it worked…I just made tashan in front of my BOSS and made him happy..:D

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    Thnx. Its help me a lot.

  21. Comment, REVIEWS

    Thanks guys…..
    I found my DoCoMo number through this tips…..
    I thank you as well as appreciate you to do more this kind of stuffs…

  22. Comment, REVIEWS

    Idea me koi bhi no. dial kro unknown application likhkar aa raha hai.why tell me please.

  23. Comment, REVIEWS

    to get idea no dial *616*66# its realy helpfull……


    Anybody know how to get free internet trick in airtel

  24. Comment, REVIEWS

    how to find sim address

  25. Comment, REVIEWS

    Idea the given no. is not working

  26. Comment, REVIEWS

    Very Helpful and it may be small thing but matters a lot. Thank you for sharing the post!

  27. Comment, REVIEWS

    for BSNL *222# only

  28. Comment, REVIEWS

    Thanks man..!

  29. Comment, REVIEWS

    Hii,Please Let me That how i can see my mob. no on ZTC-C S161 CDMA Model

  30. Comment, REVIEWS

    *147*2*3# worked for Idea Gujarat

  31. Comment, REVIEWS

    Its very help full and for BSNL*222# is working.Thanks

  32. Comment, REVIEWS

    *222# is not working for any number ?
    if the number is expired then how to find the number?
    i want the reply now plz

  33. Comment, REVIEWS

    my bsnl no is in roaming. how to know the number. I have tried all but couldn’t find it.

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